__2016 PROGRAM__

Sally Grizzell Larson, Axiom

The rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments: We are lulled and seduced. Like any other high functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscriminate about what it picks up. How then do we resist the seemingly benign when we’re mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment?

At the Toronto Urban Film Festival, “Axiom” was awarded Best in Category: The Medium is the Message. Screenings of her video works include NewFilmmakers NY, Anthology Film Archives; Galerija Galženica, Velika Gorica, Croatia; Berlin International Directors Lounge. Her photographic work has been exhibited at the National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Brooklyn Museum; Goldsmiths and elsewhere.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Gilles Deschaud, Chase Me

This short film follows a ukelele-playing girl who is chased through a dark forest by the monster that emerges from her own shadow.

Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud is working in the VFX industry as a digital artist and animator. He has experimented with various animation techniques, using a hybrid of 2D mediums combined with 3D animation.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Neil Kendricks, Memory Lines

Memory Lines chronicles a chance encounter between two strangers – a man and a woman – who connect in the darkness of an empty movie theater by only speaking in appropriated lines of dialogue from classic movies.

Neil Kendricks is a filmmaker, artist, photographer, writer, educator and the Film Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). Kendricks earned a Master’s degree in Television, Film and New Media from San Diego State University in 2006.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Melis Balcı & Ege Okal, Merkur

In the film Merkür a young artist who works as a gallery assistant is taken to a luxury dinner with her boss, the gallery owner, after an international art fair. An art collector, a curator and an institution director join the table where she is introduced to the hierarchy of the art world.

Melis Balci and Ege Okal are independent animation filmmakers living and working in Istanbul. Merkür is their first animated film as a duo,

__2016 PROGRAM__

Wrik Mead, 1975 (kiss)

1975 (kiss) is an animated film based on one year in the filmmakers fractured life. Hand drawn rotoscoped figures are layered with stills and live video footage to create an open narrative based on events in his life that took place in 1975. He was 13 and this was a pivotal year for him in many ways. He discovered the magic of animation and made his first animated film with his best friend. 1975 was also the year that he had his first sexual experience, with said best friend. It was a time of great excitement, confusion, fear and withdrawal. 

Wrik Mead has accumulated a unique body of more than forty animated miniature narratives: queer fantasies, parables, dreams, and even documentaries. His films are psycho-dramatic by inclination, first person narratives of desire and accommodation. Wrik graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1988 with honours and recently returned to his studies in 2004 to receive his MA Fine Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London (UK). He currently lives and works in Toronto. He is currently Chair of Media & Installation Art at OCAD University.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Diana Galimzyanova, Chronicle of chronic pain

Chronicle of chronic pain is an introspective and reflection that is based on director’s own experience of life with chronic migraines and hydrocephalus.

Diana Galimzyanova realized that she wanted to be a filmmaker when she was in her early 20s studying journalism at Moscow State University and started educating herself in filmmaking by watching educational videos on the internet. Her first four short films were accepted to more than thirty festivals in thirteen countries and right now, she is writing a script for a debut feature.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Mehdi Aghajani, Fragile

Aghajani received his Master in animation from the University of Cinema Theater in Iran. He has made a number of short fiction and animations. Fragile was awarded Achievement of Best Experimental Film Award in Tehran International Film Festival.