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__2016 PROGRAM__

Chris Brod, The Calling

A visualized reflection of the beginnings of life jump cut to the atemporal fluidity of networked nudes that form a spiralling galaxy.

Chris Boyd is a British contemporary artist whose multi-media work is preoccupied with the interrelationships with technology and modes of Being. Boyd has shown work at a wide variety of galleries, events and venues, including Tate Online, FACT, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, The Lowry, Roundhouse, Urbis and Corsica Studios.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Lithics in an animated origins story that employed imagery of stone artifacts. Origin stories are often set in a timeless, ambiguous space populated with archetypal characters. The imagery used in “Lithics” was selected to parallel these motifs.

Edward Morin received an MFA from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, and a BFA from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. He has been working in digital and electronic formats since the late 90’s, including animation, interactive multimedia, physical computing, rapid prototyping, sound and video.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Marc Alongina, Pinya Koala

Pinya Koala is animated in sober black & white with clear lines and comic influences to build a surreal universe of organic forms. Impossible creatures are dancing with tropical fruits- absurd references to the pop culture as ingredients for this opera prima.

Marc Alongina received an Bachelor of Arts from University of Barcelona. He work as a graphic designer and Illustrator in Barcelona and Munich.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Masoud Hatami, Survival

Survival, a film about two people who are living in the middle of nowhere, in a lake, using corpses to survive.

Masoud Hatami received his Bachelor of Art at the Association of Young Filmmakers in Directing, Karnameh Film Institute, Tehran Film School. Survival was awarded Best Experimental Film Award in Tehran International film festival and Hatami was given the ISFA’s Medal of Honor in Tehran international film festival in 2015 for this film.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Hiroya Sakurai, The Stream 6

Hiroya Sakurai describes the theme of his work as the liveliness of the water as it follows the man-made course.

Sakurai is represented in several corporate collections in Japan and in J. Paul Getty Trust and National Gallery of Canada. His films has been awarded and shown in international festival and exhibitions; latest ”58th San Francisco International Film Festival”, San Francisco (2015)

__2016 PROGRAM__

Morgan Miller, There’s Too Many Of These Crows

This is a film about aggression and escalation. The narrative initially concerns a poacher and his wife hunting crows in a wide open field.

Morgan Miller has worked in film restoration for The Criterion Collection and Technicolor. He created the animation anthology Twillerama that toured around the US. He currently teaches at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

__2016 PROGRAM__

Mohammed Salman, DO AHA

Music by Iranian composer Moslim Rasoli
DO AHA ” Asking God” or “Praying” was filmed in Qatif, an old city of the eastern province in Saudi Arabia during the Ashura event.

Mohammed Salman finished his study in fine art in 1998, he works in many art field as a composer, designer, photographer, writer and director. He is a member of Saudi Art and Culture Association and a team member of Saudi Films Festival in Dammam.

__2016 PROGRAM__


[An experimental narrative mash-up.
Two old teleplays with the same actress, an insert from a movie.
Still images of an exhibition and from various magazines.
An excerpt of a soundrtack, two versions of a song.
An audiovisual re-editing.
A new (old) story.]

Rick Niebe recived his MA in Semiotic of Cinema at Pisa University, he works as an autonomous artist. His research as videomaker consists of a minimal and epigrammatic experimental re-use of audio visual found objects. His films has been shown in several international festival and exhibitions;10th Montreal Underground Film Festival, Montreal, CAN (2015); Film Festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile, Minsk, BLR (2015); Jornadas de Reapropiación, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Ciudad de México, MEX (2014); (2014);Oneminute Shanghay, CHN (2014); 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, DEU (2014)